FULLY BOOKED | Joint Business Forum Evening with Zali Steggall

From April 17, 2019 18:00 until April 17, 2019 20:00
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The office of Zali Steggall as the Independent candidate for Warringah, is coordinating a Business Forum for local people on behalf of the Manly Business Chamber, and the Mosman & Warringah Chamber of Commerce's.  The evening will include a conversation with Zali on the issues and opportunities faced by Warringah business and this will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.


Date: Wednesday 17 April

Time: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Where: The Bistro at Manly Pavilion, West Esplanade Manly
Cost: FREE
Includes: Drink on arrival and canapes


Click 'Join' then select Manly, Warringah or Mosman Chamber of Commerce or other, and 'add ticket'.  Then click Save.


Please note that the Manly Business Chamber is an apolitical minded business networking group. Access to these events is not a representation of our political position.



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Address : PO Box 104, Manly NSW 1655

Telephone : (02) 9977 0513

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