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Grants for Small Business

Energy Efficient Communities Program (EEC) - Small Business Grants (GO4070)
The objective of this grant is to support small businesses to save energy through:
•replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment
•installing or replacing a component/s to help an existing system run more efficiently
•carrying out monitoring of energy usage and emissions
A maximum of three projects will be funded per electorate.
Grants will be approved according to meeting eligibility criteria, submission time/date and distribution across federal electorates.
•The maximum grant amount is $20,000 (estimated grant amounts are $5000-$20000)
•The maximum project period is 18 months
You can use your grant for one or more of the following:
•replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment
•installing or replacing a component to help an existing system run more efficiently (for example installing a variable speed drive on a pump, or installing automatic controls on energy using equipment, or installing a modulating burner on a boiler)
•energy audits
•investment feasibility studies for energy efficiency upgrades
•monitoring of energy consumption and emissions
To be eligible you must:
•have an Australian business number (ABN)
•have an annual turnover of less than $10 million based on Business Activity Statements from the previous 12 months
and be one of the following entities:
•a company incorporated in Australia
•a co-operative
•a partnership
•a sole trader
Applications will be accepted:
•where you can confirm that you are authorised to undertake your project as described (for example, within your leasing arrangements)
•where you can demonstrate that you will use appropriately licensed tradespeople to install equipment, where applicable
•if you include a supplier declaration
•if you provide the mandatory attachments
•where you certify, if you have ceased operating as a result of bushfires or COVID-19, that you intend to resume operating as a business in the future.
Closes 26 August, 2020

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