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Manly Chamber are seeking to build a content hub on our website that enables members to showcase their brands, skillset and knowledge to the greater business and non-business community. This will provide people access to business growth and management resources as well as further shining a spotlight on Manly as a destination for business and tourism.
We are calling on members to submit articles and videos that provide value for other business owners (for B2B members) and the greater community as a whole (for B2C members) that we will then drive across our media channels: Website / E-Newsletters / Social Media and through our media partners.
The key is value. This is not a sales pitch, but rather an opportunity for your business to become an authoritative source of information. Provide tips, hints, pointers and simple solutions.  Ask, “What information can I provide to help?”
Submissions can be taken from content you have already created and published elsewhere. Articles should be no longer than 500 words and include two images. Videos should be around three minutes maximum (Existing Youtube links are OK) and complemented by a two paragraph summary. Some examples are:
-          A lawyer might discuss why you should have a privacy policy on your website.
-          A real estate agent might provide advice for negotiating a sale
-          An accountant might discuss the benefits of digital management software like Xero.
-          A business coach might provide the template for a business plan.
-          A web designer could discuss the things to consider when you are building a website.
-          A restaurant might provide the recipe to a popular meal or cocktail.
-          A tourism-based company might provide 10 must-do things in Manly.
The list is endless, as long as it is easy to action and provides “lightbulb” advice or insight to readers. We will ensure you and your business receive full credit and link, to showcase your talent and knowledge in this space and elevate your standing within the community (as well as provide Search Engine Optimisation benefits).
Particularly interesting or useful content will then be offered to our media partners -  where relevant - the Manly Daily / Covered Magazine / Manly Times / Hello Manly
Stories may be edited and no guarantee of publication is made - although if it fits the above criteria, you can be pretty sure it will be!
Please submit your content to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Make sure you provide your details and your businesses, including website and contact details. Submissions must be entirely the intellectual property of you or your business and must not infringe any person or entity in any manner.
Any questions, just shout!

Manly 2015 Stakeholder Minutes

Manly 2015 - Where do we sit?

Recently, the Manly Chamber of Commerce has given its full support to Manly Council regarding the Manly 2015 project. We have not arrived at this point lightly - it has been our prime focus since September 2013 and a huge amount of work has gone into scrutinising the project from a variety of different angles.

During this process, it was clear to the Chamber that while we had access to large amounts of privileged information, many other key stakeholders in Manly have not. We were confident that if the wider community had access to the same information that we have had, then many concerns over the project could be alleviated.

With this idea in mind, the Manly Chamber of Commerce recently facilitated a meeting with Council and a number of key objectors and supporters from the business community, of the project. We asked that Council invite the key consultants that had worked on the project to be available to answer any question posed to them without guidance or interference from Council and be accountable for their answers.

From our viewpoint the meeting was a great success and it provided a forum for a vast amount of information to be shared in a transparent and honest manner. It certainly reinforced the Chamber’s opinion that this project is viable and necessary for the future growth and success of the Manly area. To their credit, Council have listened to our concerns and there is now far greater transparency as well as access to information on the project than had been the case previously. As a result of the success of this meeting, Council is planning more similar forums to take place, to arm the community with facts about the project and how they plan on dealing with the risks associated with the project.

If you would like more information on Manly 2015 you should consult the official website www.manly2015.com.au. The video on the homepage provides a great overview of what the plan aims to achieve. Also, keep in touch with your relevant local Precinct Group and of course the Manly Chamber of Commerce.

Please click here to download the stakeholder meeting minutes.

Mark Stanley


Manly 2015 - More than just a car park

Manly 2015

More than just a car park


Mark Stanley
Chamber President


Watch Council's latest video showcasing the concept (it's only 3:45 minutes) and let us know your thoughts? This is going to be BIG for Manly, so it's important you have your say.


From a conceptual level, the Manly Chamber of Commerce has always been in support of the Manly 2015 plan. Our only concerns have been focused on the financial viability of the plan. The final point that we require clarification on is the proposed loan terms on the debt required to service the project. If it can be shown that the debt under these terms can be adequately serviced by the operation of the car park, we will be fully supportive of the project. It is positive to note that Council will sell the existing Whistler Street car park site when the Oval car park is up and running and use the proceeds from sale to reduce car park debt. Also, the Council will use a 10 year fixed interest rate, which while slightly higher than the current variable rate, will reduce uncertainty over interest expense well in the future.
We are aware that some groups in the community are strongly opposed to this project, and we fully understand that any project of this scale deserves vigorous debate. We have listened to all these concerns, presented them to council and have received responses that we are satisfied with. This process has been ongoing for the best part of two years with an intense focus over the past eight months. From our perspective, it is now important for the council to provide all stakeholders in Manly access to all non-confidential material relating to Manly 2015, so they can form an informed opinion on the matter, in addition to the information already available from the official Manly 2015 website (www.Manly2015.com.au). We are confident that if Council do this, many current concerns in the community will be alleviated.
The Manly 2015 Masterplan is a fantastic blueprint for the future of Manly and it conforms to all modern planning principles for CBD and major tourist precincts. It is much more than just a car park. It will deliver a Manly of the future that we can all be proud of. With increased competition looming from Westfield’s proposed development at Warringah Mall (among others), it is vital from a business perspective that Manly continues to innovate and evolve. Manly 2015 gives us the ability to do this and we sincerely hope that we will be able to give this project our full support very soon. 

Protection of Marine Sanctuaries

The Manly Chamber of Commerce brings together over 350 members to work cohesively and strategically to encourage sustainable business growth and promote Manly as a stunning and unique business and tourist destination.

Central to Manly’s branding as an iconic tourist destination and business location is its coastal lifestyle and marine life.

Whether it’s Manly Beach, The Corso, Manly Sealife Sanctuary, or even the Manly Ferry, our city is one of the most iconic coastal lifestyle destinations in Australia. Indeed, over the years, Manly has evolved to become a gateway to the State’s dive, dive tourism and marine tourism industries. It has benefited substantially not just from local marine protection in Cabbage Tree Bay, but also from the State’s marine parks, no-take sanctuary zones and other protected marine areas.

Marine sanctuary zones are, according to scientists, vital to maintaining the health of marine life. These ‘national parks of the sea’ cater for a popular and increasing domestic and international tourism market, attracting divers, snorkelers and other nature-based experience-seekers who typically spend twice that of other tourists. Marine Parks and sanctuaries are increasingly regarded as important economic ‘infrastructure’ which contributes to both Manly’s and the State’s economy.

The Manly Chamber of Commerce is therefore extremely concerned about the State Government’s new approach to managing our marine estate and its serious consideration to winding back levels of existing protection in sanctuary zones. Consequently it has passed the following resolution.

The Manly Chamber of Commerce:

• Recognises that a great coastal lifestyle and healthy marine life are central to Manly’s identity, character and economy.

• Recognises the vital role marine parks and sanctuaries play in providing substantial social, economic and environmental returns for the people of NSW, particularly coastal communities and businesses.

• Expresses its strong support for all existing marine parks and sanctuaries to remain throughout NSW.

• Does not support the new approach that the State Government is taking to manage the State’s marine waters, which would see existing marine sanctuaries opened to fishing, thereby undermining the health of marine life and dependent industries, including profitability and employment.

• Notes that this process appears to have been developed with little to no involvement with local businesses and with minimal concern for the tourism or dive industries, or for the branding of our state more broadly as a domestic and international tourism destination; and

• Seeks a commitment from the NSW Government to retain existing marine parks and sanctuaries and develop a positive vision for healthy marine waters, which caters for all industries and users.

A Big Win For Manly Business

The Kicking and Screaming Pays Off


After years of lobbying and countless submissions made to Council, we are pleased to announce that at last night's Council meeting, there was a unanimous decision by all Councillors to reduce the onerous Section 94 Change of Use parking fee requirements imposed on Manly businesses. The motion will see a reduction of Change of Use parking fee requirements from 1 car space for every 6m2 to 1 car space for every 40m2 of service area.   

Chamber President Jonathan Allara says, "This is a great win for Manly businesses and for the Manly Chamber of Commerce. I thank all the Councillors for their sensible approach in supporting the motion. A special thanks must also go to the efforts by past Presidents and Execs of the Chamber who have worked consistently on this issue since 2005"

Please CLICK HERE for letter sent to Councillors explaining our position
Please CLICK HERE for Chamber commissioned report from Ingham Planning

Please CLICK HERE for Manly Daily Article

This is a great example of what we here at the Chamber can get accomplished on your behalf. We thank you for your membership, without which, goals like this would never get kicked!

For more information on this issue, please contact Stacey Randell... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manly LEP & DCP Submission

Manly LEP & DCP Council Submission

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the principal legal document for controlling development and guiding planning decisions made by Council. A Development Control Plan (DCP) is a non-legal document which supports the LEP with more detailed planning and design guidelines. Council recently reviewed their plans and produced a new draft, that was recently placed on public exhibition, to which we reviewed and submitted recommendations on.

Please CLICK HERE for our cover letter and summary of recommendations.

Please CLICK HERE for our commissioned report from Ingham Planning.

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