Chamber's objection letter DA2019/1234

15 November 2019

Kent Bull

Northern Beaches Council
1 Belgrave Street

Manly  NSW  2095


Dear Sir,

DA 2019/1234

On behalf of the Manly Business Chamber, we wish to express our concern over DA2019/1234 for Sake and El Camino at Manly Wharves and Jetties.

The considerable alterations and additions requested for the existing building to facilitate an additional 438 outdoor seats would dramatically increase the noise within this precinct as well as adversely impact the views of surrounding residential and commercial buildings.  Whilst not a large residential area, we are mindful that surrounding operators including corporate offices, services and accommodation providers would be adversely affected.

Aside from noise complaints, this substantially increased seating capacity would create a bottleneck at the wharf, whereas the vision for visitors alighting the ferry is to encourage dispersion throughout Manly’s LGA.  With a large number of hospitality outlets throughout Manly, we are eager to ensure large groups are not congregating at this gateway.

In addition, any expansion to El Camino would be onto the roof of Wharf Bar.  So, whilst the Wharf Bar, like the other operator’s operating in the Wharf precinct, are respectful of Manly’s vibe, character and presentation with the use of the heritage colours of white and marine teal used on their façade and throughout, El Camino has opted for neon pink, yellow and red.  While the existing heritage colours complement the natural landscape of the harbour and its surrounds, the garish neon pink, yellow and red signage of El Camino clash with everything around it.  

We do not believe this is in keeping with the vision of the Wharf complex and we believe any further addition to this would be in poor taste as the first impression for people visiting Manly. 

Plus, whilst we appreciate the desire to increase volume for venues that are regularly at capacity, the Chamber questions the motives of this DA, when by all accounts the current seating plans are regularly under-utilised by patrons.

In summary, the Chamber strongly opposes any further development/expansion to Manly Wharf and instead we would be in support of the Wharf focusing on developing and updating the entranceway complex.

Thank you for taking our feedback into consideration.

Kind regards,

Luke Atkins
President - Manly Business Chamber

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