Words from a Chamber Champion Patrick Reiss, Head of Strategy & Operations - Lakeba Future Hub

Living and working in Manly is a dream come true.

I have been working at Lakeba Group for one year now and I still find myself astonished at working and living so close to the beauty of Manly beach.

The Lakeba Group CEO, Giuseppe Porcelli, had consciously chosen to set up the office on the Northern Beaches shores, as a means of finding the perfect balance between work and personal life for both his family and his employees.

Across the years Lakeba Group, a technology company with a focus on conceiving, creating and commercialising technology innovation, has grown on a global scale. The business, headquartered in Manly, has multiple offices in India and Italy and has built a strong consortium of partners with leading enterprises such as Microsoft, Fujitsu,  Piper Alderman and Macquarie University.

A diverse culture together with a strong connection with the local community makes working at Lakeba, a fulfilling experience. First, because we all believe technology can change the world, and secondly because we work hard to be the first movers in the innovation space.  This helps to drive the passion and the commitment of the team.

Manly is more than a beautiful location where our office is located. Manly is a community, where the majority of the team live and it is a source of inspiration for our business and our team.

Recently we launched Lakeba Future Hub, a visionary consortium of leading technology, law, taxation and educational firms with a focus on accelerating blockchain expertise available in the market and we have been greatly encouraged by the level of interest from all over Australia.

Read more about Lakeba Group and our vision here.

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