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Offer period: 24 June 2019 - 29 June 2020
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Time to Exhale
48 Wyndora Avenue

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Time to Exhale covers a wide range of services from Coaching to Reiki, or a combination of both! We all experience overwhelm at different times in our lives. I'm here to help you overcome those feelings and work towards solutions. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who isn't our friend or family. Someone who can help us to organise our minds and see things a little clearer. Depending on your personal interests, this can be done via coaching tools, or energy work that is Reiki. The most powerful sessions are those using both modalities, however each session is entirely tailored to the individual. If you would like to know more, let's have a chat. I'd love to work with you!

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Address : PO Box 104, Manly NSW 1655

Telephone : (02) 9977 0513

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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