Sub Committees

Property Owners Group | Charlotte RimmerTracey Mietzke and Meegan Clancy have been prioritising the Manly CBD Special Levy and how it is spent.  Huge steps have been taken and although the finer details are yet to be finalised, Northern Beaches Council (NBC) and Chamber are collaborating closely on making sure that this Levy is spent investing in the infrastructure for Manly.

Hospitality | Matt Clifton,  Steve Carrodus:  this has been such a strong group, initiated in Covid, meeting with government, key stakeholders like AHA, Liquor Accord and RCA to ensure that our hospo businesses and their workers are supported. Outdoor dining fees were waived throughout Covid and a review of the fees is currently underway.
A great outcome from a collab with NBC is the new parking discount.  They have also taken on the tricky challenge of waste management in Market Lane in a working group with NBC – again, we’re coming to a conclusion here and will keep you updated.

Health & Wellness | Ashling O’Brien: So many places in Manly which focus on health and wellness, with Ashling leading a strong group committed to increasing visitation to Manly for outdoor events, increasing memberships and the offers we provide to interstate and international visitors

Environment | Klaudia BrownCameron Stewart:   What can we do to highlight the beautiful area in which we live? Do we have sustainable practices and how do we ensure it stays strong?

Accommodation | Steve CarrodusCameron Stewart: our first meeting took place last week bringing together over 600 accommodation rooms in Manly to consider how to work with conference organisers and professional services to fill rooms, restaurants and shops in the quieter Monday to Thursday days in Manly.

Marketing | Kyla Kelleher: a new committee currently being finalised.