APR | Health, Wellbeing & Community at Ruby Lane

From April 18, 2018 18:00 until 20:00
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HEALTH, WELLNESS & COMMUNITY... it takes a village
It goes without saying the Manly Business Chamber values the sense of community our unique little village offers.  That said, we’re excited Village Chiropratic and Ruby Lane have agreed to jointly host our April networking event, including a SPOTLIGHT session for our ‘village’ to take the floor.

Providing a venue where our members can network, Ruby Lane will also deliver a taste of their winter menu with a drink on arrival, before Ravi shares ideas on the struggle and pursuit of modern wellbeing and those Chamber members who are interested can take the floor to provide a 2 minute SPOTLIGHT on their business.

When: 6pm – 8pm, Wednesday 18 April 2018
Where: Ruby Lane, 200 Pittwater Road, Manly
What: Health, wellness presentation + SPOTLIGHT session
Includes: Nibbles and drink on arrival
Cost:     Members - $10, Non-members - $25


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